Throne ministries is a resourcing and equipping ministry for preachers, worship leaders, and BELIEVERS ON MISSION.  THE GOSPEL IS AT THE FOREFRONT AND IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND EVERYTHING THAT THRONE MINISTRIES DOES.

All of heaven knows who you are.  All of hell knows who you are.  Even all of creation knows who you are.  The question is... do you??

What we have discovered, is that if you don't know the truth about you, you won't manifest the truth about you... nor will you fulfill the destiny that's on your life.

So with a fresh take on the gospel, being grounded in love and identity, and moving in signs in wonders... our passion comes from the same groaning that Rom 8:19 says is in "all of creation".  It is a groaning to finally see the sons of God revealed!  

We encourage you to spend some time in the audio and video teachings and begin your journey of diving into the depths of what it is to be a son, and what it actually means to be "one" with the infinite God of the universe (1 Cor 6:17).


We love to bring the power of the gospel wherever we go.  We’d even love to bring it to you!

Whether in corporate church meetings, conferences, small group settings, or one on one meetings... we are here to equip you and your community to begin walking in who you were always created to be.

To set up an event, for general information, please contact us at or fill out the contact form below.

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